Now with Integrations - Cisco Webex and SMS made easy.

Seamless user experience messaging colleges and SMS from your Operator account.


Operator Messenger

Meet your customers where they are
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Do you have a direct carrier relationship?

Keep your existing number and provider

Bring your numbers with you, we dont want to get in the way. If you have a carrier relationship keep it! We'll be your sms/mms application.

We don't just message 1 to 1

Intelligent Message Routing

Your Business numbers dont always ring a single person, a message from a customer doesn't have to either.

we've got apps

Use whatever device works for you

Desktop or Mobile app, when your customers reach out to you make sure you can receive it and respond from any device.

lets see why this makes sense


Operator was created to offer Businesses a platform to send and receive messages directly to and from customers.

Contact Lists

Each account has a Global Directory where contacts are shared to everyone in the account, and a personal directory to store your direct contacts.

Group Channel

Adding users with their phone number is easy, but when a message is sent to a main number who gets that message? Introducing group channels, where an incoming message to a group channel is sent to those users who are configured to participate in that conversation.

Messager Persistence

Messages sent or received from mobile, are seen and updated on your desktop. Start a conversation on one device, and continue it on another seamlessly.

Intuitive UI

Anyone can log into Operator and get to work right away. Our layout is simple and straight forward.

User Channel

Messages sent to a specific users number are received in its own channel, for simple 1 - 1 communication.

Conversational Messaging

Designed as your two-way communications tool, not spam. Your customers want to talk with you, get help with a product, or ask a few questions.


Use your existing Business Numbers

Professionals already use some form of texting for Business

Consumers say texting is extremely engaging from a brand

Consumers would like to communicate with a business via text.

Businesses think their customers want to text for support